Breaking news: Vegan diets for dogs are healthy and safe.


Think your dog has it all when it comes to health, energy and nutrition? think again! Just like humans, dogs can benefit from certain vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. If you're wondering if supplements are right for your dog, read on to learn more about the benefits they can bring!

  1. Benefits of probiotics for dog
    The benefits associated with feeding probiotics to dogs are numerous. Probiotics have been shown to improve digestive health, boost immunity and reduce allergies. They have also been shown to help with weight loss and boost energy levels.These supplements can be fed to dogs in various forms including powders, capsules and kibbles - the strength and dosage are only optimized for the dog's weight when fed in powder form, that's why we at JAMPY have developed the pre mix /pro/post biotic powder.

  2. Stronger immune system
    Dogs that have strong immune systems are less likely to get sick and are better able to fight off infections if they get sick. The best supplements are those that contain highly bioavailable vitamins and trace elements, essential amino acids, natural antioxidants and superfoods such as turmeric, chicory inulin and echinacea! With these natural and powerful nutrients at work every day, you can be sure your furry has everything they need from head to tail, inside and out!
  3. Healthier skin and coat
    The best supplements to improve coat health contain quality omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids help keep skin hydrated and can also reduce inflammation. They can also help make the coat shinier and softer.

  4. Joint health 
    Joint problems are common in dogs, especially as they get older. Giving your dog supplements containing glucosamine and chondroitin can help improve joint health by reducing inflammation and pain. These supplements may also help slow the progression of joint diseases such as arthritis.