The Good Boy


Dog supplement = stress? Now you no longer need pills and capsules, our 5-in-1 multivitamin comes in powder form and is added to your dog's food, whatever it may be. It is suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds, including puppies ✌️

  • Glucosamine for joint and bone health 🦴
  • Biotin and phenylalanine for skin and coat 🌸
  • Echinacea extract, natural immune support 💪
  • Pre/probiotics for gut health and 💩
  • Tryptophan, for relaxation and a good mood 🧘‍♂️
  • B vitamins, iron and zinc for proper functioning of energy metabolism 🌟
  • Ships in 2-4 business days

La somministrazione a lungo termine del multivitaminico 5-in-1 aiuta a ottimizzare in modo permanente la digestione, la salute del manto e quella articolare. Completa un ciclo di almeno 6 mesi, potresti iniziare a vedere miglioramenti già nei primi mesi di utilizzo, ma per benefici a lungo termine consigliamo almeno un ciclo all'anno di 6 mesi completi.

- For dogs weighing less than 10kg, give one scoop per day

- For dogs weighing between 10kg and 20kg, give two scoops a day

- For dogs weighing 20 kg or more, give at least three scoops a day

Distribute the recommended number of scoops in the dog's food once a day.

Composition : Brewer's yeast with nucleotides >40, glucosamine sulphate from fermentation, dehydrated pumpkin, inulin (from chicory). Additives per kg. Vitamins: Vitamin E 3000 IU, Vitamin B1 1000 mg., Vitamin B2 300 mg., Vitamin B6 100 mg., Vitamin B12 220 µg., Folic acid 10 mg., Biotin 200 µg. Trace elements: iron (iron glycine chelate hydrate) 200 mg., zinc (zinc glycine chelate hydrate) 300 mg. Amino acids: Phenylalanine 2000 mg., Tryptophan 5000 mg., Taurine 10000 mg. Botanically defined natural products : The extract 600 mg., Turmeric extract 3000 mg., Rosemary extract, Echinacea angustifolia extract 600 mg. Antioxidants: Vegetable oil tocopherols Intestinal flora stabilizer: Enterococcus feacium 35*109 CFU. analytical components :
Crude protein 36%, crude fat 0.5%, crude fiber 2.2%, crude ash 2%.

Does not contain: GMOs, corn, wheat, soy derivatives, lactose, flavors and preservatives

made in Italy 🇮🇹 plastic-free 🌎 hypoallergenic 🌱

Ingredienti che fanno la differenza

Our powder formulation offers greater dosing precision and rapid assimilation.
All ingredients are 100% plant-based and enriched with superfoods 🌿

Fermenti Lattici


Zucca e Cicoria

Vitamine e Minerali




Fermenti Lattici

For balanced intestinal flora, improved digestion, and strengthened immune system. They promote nutrient absorption and prevent gastrointestinal disorders.


Di origine naturale e vegetale è preferibile poiché garantisce una maggiore biodisponibilità. Rispetto alle sintetiche, offre un profilo nutrizionale completo e supporta la salute articolare in modo più efficace.

Zucca e Cicoria

Antiossidante naturale e superfood, oltre ad avere un sapore gustoso che i cani adorano,è ricco di vitamine B e C, fibre, betacarotene ed oligoelementi.

Vitamine e Minerali

Abbiamo inserito le vitamine e gli oligoelementi più biodisponibili ed efficienti, così che siano facilmente assorbibili e utilizzabili dall'intestino del tuo cane.


Noto per le sue proprietà antinfiammatorie e antiossidanti, la curcuma riduce l'infiammazione articolare e supporta la salute del sistema digestivo.


Rafforza il sistema immunitario nei cani, aumentando la resistenza alle infezioni. Le sue proprietà antivirali e antibatteriche contribuiscono a prevenire malattie, promuovendo la salute generale e accelerando la guarigione.


Essenziale per la produzione di serotonina, migliora l'umore e riduce lo stress. Favorisce il sonno, regola l'appetito e contribuisce al benessere emotivo, promuovendo un equilibrio comportamentale positivo.

The supplement topper that fits all dog diets 😋

We've cracked the code on pet preferences! Say goodbye to those dreaded capsules! Our blends are a game-changer, even for the wiser woofers who struggle with chewing and swallowing.

2 easy ways to use it:

🥣 mixed into food homemade/kibbles/raw
💧 mixed into water

integratore in polvere multivitaminico per cani. Adatto a cane adulto o cucciolo. Agisce su digestione, sistema immunitario, pelle e pelo, ossa e articolazioni. A base di vitamine, minerali, antiossidanti e superfoods. Ricco di appetizzanti naturali
🏆 Why choose JAMPY's multifunction

- You have the perfect amount of vitamins, antioxidants and superfoods to add to any meal

- Complete and boost all types of home/raw/dry diets

- Contains only clean, plant-based, natural ingredients (Pumpkin, Turmeric, Yeast, Botanical Extracts)

- Find only functional ingredients to improve the health of: bones, coat, immune system, digestion and stress.


In The Good Boy you will find only sustainable, vegetable and controlled raw materials. Here's what we put in and why:

- group B vitamins, iron and zinc to support the correct functioning of energy metabolism;
- glucosamine for joint health;
- taurine : essential amino acid for the well-being of the cardiovascular system;
- enterococcus and inulin , to support the correct functioning of the intestinal microbiota.

Often and willingly, you don't notice a problem until it comes up. This also happens with dogs: vitamin deficiencies are noticed when they are pronounced and can have negative effects on his health. We believe that using a complementary food is an excellent strategy to support dog health in the long run.

In our formula we have included only what we are sure all dogs need: vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, probiotics and natural extracts . These valuable nutrients support the diets you have chosen for your dogs, especially those who never eat fresh food or are fond of kibble.

When taken regularly every day, most dogs will start showing results within about 6 weeks. You will notice an improvement in stool consistency and increased vitality.

Our supplements are blended with plant-based nutrients such as pumpkin and yeast which are highly palatable to dogs. Made with all-natural ingredients and substances, this flavor is allergen-free and 100% safe.

No it's hypoallergenic! In addition to being gluten-free, pesticide-free and GMO-free, all of our supplements are allergen-free.

Only if you bark! Our supplements have been formulated specifically for consumption in dogs and are not suitable for you.

The Super Pro has been carefully balanced with your dog's weight in mind, so we always recommend sticking to the suggested daily allowance. In the event that the dog accidentally consumes a much higher quantity than recommended, there are no serious consequences but it is advisable to consult the veterinarian for an opinion.

Absolutely yes, in the same doses recommended for adults, since intestinal well-being has no age!

You can add our super probiotic , which has synergistic activity and further improves your dog's well-being!

No, The Good Boy does not interfere with drug therapies.

made in Italy 🇮🇹 planet friendly 💚