We've redefined multifunctional with simple, effective products that do more with less, so you save time and money!

Dental care





It looks like a natural appetiser (but is a food supplement)!

A healthy natural, plant-based appetiser with pumpkin, turmeric and nutritional yeast that complements all the world's meals 🌎.

What's so special about them?

They are enriched with functional ingredients with the goal of limiting and counteracting skin, digestive and joint problems. 

🌿 Cleansers for Sensitive Skin 🌼
The optimal routine for a healthy and shiny coat.

The sensitive skin easily gets irritated due to external environmental factors, and products with aggressive surfactants only complicate the situation! With JAMPY, you have quality in every product.

🌿 Suitable for daily use, even on skin prone to dermatitis and allergies.

🧸 High concentration of active ingredients with moisturizing and repairing functions.

😵‍💫 Facilitates the washing and grooming processes, so you save time and avoid stress.

🔝 Used by certified groomers.

Improve your dog's health 🐶

Formulated by vets, supported by research.

Long lasting health demands a holistic approach. We take the time to really understand the gaps in the dog diet and lifestyle.

We work with veterinary experts, formulators and nutritionists to develop functional formulas (that actually work!). They are the ones who help us drive product innovation alongside clinical research.

Our best friend is the dog, but also PubMed.

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The new generation of sustainable products for modern dogs. 🌱 plant-based 🌎 plastic-free 🍎 simple ingredients 👩‍⚕️ vet-certified