At JAMPY, we're on a mission to disrupt the pet industry and raise the bar to new heights. We proudly embrace the "pet parent" title because, hey, we treat our fur babies like our own children! That's why we're dedicated to providing them with the same high-quality, healthy goodies we choose for ourselves. Join us in giving our furry friends the best they deserve!

JAMPY The Super 🐶

The driving force behind our brand is our co-founder, Jampy! Those who know him describe him as a sweetheart, ball-obsessed, and above all, a passionate Latin lover (currently single). He loves to travel and is often invited to pajama parties without his mum because he's just too charming.

Let's change this together 🌍

We strongly believe that there is an unhealthy dependency on meat, and often the quality compromises long-term health. Our mission is to revolutionize the way dogs eat, providing them with high-quality vitamins and superfoods for overall well-being and prevention.

Now, let's talk about the cosmetics industry.

It's even worse! Products like shampoos, detergents, and creams for pets are often treated as regular detergents or bleaches 😮
That's why we've developed a human-grade line specifically tailored to the pH of dogs.
The difference is noticeable!

A dog-proof team

We are undoubtedly an animal-loving team, and it's not just dogs. For instance, our nutritionist at JAMPY lovingly cares for an adorable pair of mice at home 🐭.

At JAMPY we share a common goal: to help you boost your dog's health by emphasizing simple habits that go beyond just their diet. We believe in treating our furry friends like family, just as you take care of yourself.

Quality and research

Our team of experts is made up of specialists in nutrition, veterinary, formulation, chemistry and biology. Without them, our products would not be safe and effective.

Here are our R&D phases:

🥸 we study the main problems that impact the health of dogs
🔎 we research the best ingredients to achieve the objectives
✌️we create the product in the most effective and easy to use format.