Kiss Me 💋


Kiss Me is the edible dental spray with specific activity in slowing down and counteracting the formation of tartar and promoting the reduction of stains.
The botanical extracts help to further improve your dog's breath which will be kiss-proof!

  • Sodium hexametaphosphate helps prevent the formation of tartar and surface stains
  • rosemary oil for oral hygiene, exerts a bacteriostatic action
  • bitter orange oil as a natural antiseptic, disinfectant and antibacterial
  • refreshing menthol , helps fight bad breath
  • 🦷 clean teeth and healthy gums
  • 💋 💋 bye bye bad breath

Spray directly into the mouth, on teeth and gums. Two sprays a day twice a day!

Composition: Sodium hexametaphosphate.

Additives per Kg:
Organoleptic additives: menthol 1500 mg., bitter orange oil 150 mg., rosemary oil 150 mg.

Analytical Components:
Moisture 98.5%, Protein 0%, Crude Fat 0.3%, Crude Fiber 0%, Crude Ash 1%

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super easy 🤟 plastic free 🙅 natural 🌱
Fight bad breath and protect teeth from plaque and tartar.
The secret to good dental hygiene lies in the consistency and effectiveness of the products used. Kiss Me is the only dental spray with a formula backed by scientific research.





Il più noto ingrediente dalle proprietà rinfrescanti e blandamente analgesiche. Il mentolo è anche indicato per alleviare il mal di denti. I cani anziani ringraziano.


Unito all'arancio amaro è il rimedio dell'erborista, naturale e utilizzatissimo anche nei dentifrici per umani. Ha funzione antibatterica e rinfrescante.


L'unico ingrediente supportato da ricersca scientifica antitartaro e antimacchia. Permane nella saliva fino a 12 ore: lega con il calcio, ammorbidendo la placca che si rimuove mangiando!

You shouldn't be the only one following dental hygiene 🦷

One of the most common forms of bad breath is due to poor oral hygiene, a healthy dog shouldn't suffer from it. In fact, around 80% of dogs suffer from gingivitis or periodontal disease by age 5.

The good news is that it is preventable, but only 2% of dog parents manage to dedicate themselves to daily dental care, to date ✌️

We clean our teeth 💦 Every day.

Impractical things with dogs don't work. Carrying a toothbrush and toothpaste does not fit into our vision of a 'daily routine'... and the good news is that we don't need them any more!

Every time you apply Kiss Me a film is created on the teeth which counteracts the creation of tartar and protects the gums. Visible results already after 10 days 😉

Stop Halitosis 🚫 Healthy Teeth 💎

We have paid the utmost attention to combining premium quality ingredients to create the perfect formula: hexametaphosphate for clean teeth and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory botanical extracts for the gums.