The Wellness Duo

Complete well-being with the multifunction duo + probiotics. By adding multifunction to your probiotic base you go beyond digestive health. Our duo is suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds ✌️

  • Highly bioavailable vitamins and trace elements
  • Essential amino acids and natural antioxidants
  • Superfoods such as turmeric, inulin from chicory and echinacea
  • Pre/pro/post biotics to stabilize the bacterial flora
  • Supports digestion
  • Strengthens the immune system
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- For dogs weighing less than 10kg, give one scoop per day

- For dogs weighing between 10kg and 20kg, give two scoops a day

- For dogs weighing 20 kg or more, give at least three scoops a day

Distribute the recommended number of scoops in the dog's food once a day. Improvements start to show after two weeks.

made in Italy 🇮🇹 plastic-free 🫶 vegan 🌱

In The Good Boy we have included only what we are sure all dogs need: vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, probiotics and natural extracts . These valuable nutrients support the diets you have chosen for your dogs, especially those who never eat fresh food or are fond of kibble.

In our multivitamin you will find only sustainable, plant-based and controlled raw materials. Here's what we put into it and why:

- B vitamins, iron and zinc to support the proper functioning of energy metabolism;
- glucosamine for joint health;
- taurine : essential amino acid for the well-being of the cardiovascular system;
- enterococcus and inulin , to support the proper functioning of the intestinal microbiota.

A nutritious, varied diet rich in fruit, full of vegetables and fiber is essential to keep the microbiome at the top. We know how difficult it is for us to follow a diet like this, let alone our quadrupeds who are crazy about meat, kibble and biscuits!

With The Super Pro we guarantee that your friend can get their fill of probiotics (aka good bacteria) and be fit every day.

The biotics you find in our formula are all of natural origin and supported by scientific studies in human and canine nutrition:
• psillium, inulin and MOS prebiotics ;
• enteroccoccus faecium probiotics ;
• postbiotics from fermented barley.

The Good Boy - multivitamin.
Composition : Brewer's yeast with nucleotides >40, glucosamine sulphate from fermentation, dehydrated pumpkin, inulin (from chicory). Additives per kg. Vitamins: Vitamin E 3000 IU, Vitamin B1 1000 mg., Vitamin B2 300 mg., Vitamin B6 100 mg., Vitamin B12 220 µg., Folic acid 10 mg., Biotin 200 µg. Trace elements: Iron chelate of glycine hydrate 200 mg., Zinc chelate of glycine hydrate 300 mg. Amino acids: Phenylalanine 2000 mg., Tryptophan 5000 mg., Taurine 10000 mg. Botanically defined natural products : The extract 600 mg., Turmeric extract 3000 mg., Echinacea angustifolia extract 600 mg. Antioxidants: Tocopherols from vegetable oils. Intestinal flora stabilizer: Enterococcus feacium 35 Billion CFU. analytical components :
Crude protein 36%, crude fat 0.5%, crude fiber 2.2%, crude ash 2%.

The Super Pro - biotics.

Composition: brewer's yeast, fermented barley, psyllium husks (plantago ovada), dehydrated pumpkin, chicory inulin (FOS), mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS). Intestinal flora stabilizer: enterococcus feacium 35 billion CFU. Analytical constituents: crude protein 42%, crude fat 0.5%, crude fiber 2.6%, crude ash 2.5%

Does not contain: GMOs, corn, wheat, soy derivatives, lactose, flavors and preservatives.

The benefits of the multifunction

A multifunctional formula that contributes to the proper functioning of the immune defenses, supports intestinal well-being, keeping the skin, coat and joints healthy.

Low-calorie and effective
The nutritional values ​​of vitamins and minerals are best preserved in powder blends. On the contrary, the inclusion of these nutrients in foods processed at high temperatures compromise the stability and effectiveness of the ingredients.

The probiotics, the good ones 😋

They are the nourishment of intestinal bacteria. 👆 Without prebiotics, probiotics would have no nutrition and it would be difficult for them to colonize the gut!

They are live bacteria that arriving in the intestine, manage to colonize it positively by fighting pathogenic bacteria by rebalancing the flora.

Fragments of inactive bacteria, bacterial proteins and vitamins resulting from the fermentation of food. Postbiotics support the immune system and bring with them many nutrients that have a positive and strengthening effect on the microbiota and on the general well-being of our 4-legged friend.

Functional format
How to use?

We've cracked the code on pet preferences! Say goodbye to those dreaded capsules! Our blends are a game-changer, even for the wiser woofers who struggle with chewing and swallowing.

3 easy ways to use it:

1️⃣ as a topper in wet or raw food
2️⃣ mixed in water
3️⃣ mixed in dry food

made in Italy 🇮🇹 planet friendly 💚